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Featured News
Red Rocks Receives $1M Grant to Expand Arvada Campus
The money will go toward building the Arvada Health Professions and Science Building on the Arvada campus.

Renderings courtesy of RRCC

Boom Replaces Bust in Regional Construction Markets
A construction surge is forecast for both Colorado and Utah in 2015.

Rendering by Semple Brown Design/BOKA Powell, courtesy of Continuum Partners

More News
01/27/15 Consumer Confidence Index Up Sharply in January
The index now stands at 102.9 (1985=100), up from 93.1 in December.
01/27/15 Hiring in Nonresidential Construction Sector Surges in December
The U.S. construction industry added 48,000 jobs in December, including 22,800 jobs in nonresidential construction.
01/27/15 Construction Materials Prices Dip in December
Construction input prices dipped 1.4% during the final month of 2014 and are down nearly 1% on a year-over-year basis.
01/26/15 Commentary: Five Questions to Ask About Management Incentive Plans

Retaining or placing employees in key positions is a primary element to success, and incentive plans can be a powerful tool to ensure employee loyalty and longevity.
01/26/15 New Construction Starts in December Pull Back 16% Nationwide
New construction starts in December retreated 16% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $568.2 billion.
01/14/15 New DOE Grant Aims to Improve Wind Energy Forecasting
The grant will be used to help improve wind-energy forecasting in mountain and valley regions.
01/09/15 Colorado Business Confidence Remains Positive for Q1 2015
The index says the confidence of Colorado business leaders has increased slightly going into 2015.
12/30/14 Consumer Confidence Index Bounces Back in December
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in November, improved in December.
12/29/14 Construction Employment Increased in 38 States in Past Year
Construction firms added jobs in 38 states and the District of Columbia between November 2013 and November 2014.
12/23/14 November Construction Starts Jump 13% Nationwide
New starts in November rose to an adjusted annual rate of $677.8 billion.
12/17/14 Nonresidential Construction Adds Nearly 5,000 Jobs in November
The U.S. construction industry added 20,000 jobs in November, with nonresidential construction contributing 4,900 of them.
12/16/14 New Study Touts Economic Value of Building Infrastructure
Two-thirds of the economic benefits and jobs created by federal highway and transit investment occur in nonconstruction sectors.
12/16/14 Construction Materials Prices Down Again in November
Materials prices have fallen in five of the past six months but still are 0.6% higher on a year-over-year basis.
12/08/14 October Construction Starts Recede 4% Nationwide
New construction starts settled back 4% in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $589.8 billion.
12/03/14 Construction Backlog Indicator Reaches Another High During Q3
The third quarter backlog is 6.9% higher than the third quarter of 2013.
12/03/14 Economic Impact of Denver Arts Complex Tops $141 Million
In 2013 more than 781,000 patrons attended performances and events held at the arts complex.
12/03/14 Consumer Confidence Index Down Nationwide in November
The index now stands at 88.7, down from 94.1 in October.
12/03/14 Nonresidential Construction Spending Rebounds in October
Spending for the month totaled $611.8 billion on a seasonally adjusted basis.
11/19/14 Construction Materials Prices Dip Nationwide in October
Inputs to construction industries were down 0.9% for the month but expanded 1% on a year-over-year basis.
11/17/14 Dodge Momentum Index Rises in October
The Dodge Momentum Index rose in October, climbing to 125.5 for the month, up 7.6% from September.
11/05/14 September Equipment Leasing Volume Up 21% From Last Year
New business volume was up 31% from August, and year to date, cumulative new business volume increased 8% compared to 2013.
11/05/14 Consumer Confidence Index Rebounds in October
Consumers’ optimism, which had declined considerably in September, improved in October.
11/05/14 Nonresidential Construction Spending Slips for Second Consecutive Month
Nonresidential construction spending slipped 1% in September but has still managed to expand 4.2% on a year-over-year basis.
10/23/14 Construction Materials Prices Inch Down in September
Inputs to nonresidential construction fell 0.2% for the month but were 1% higher than in September 2013.
10/23/14 Commentary: The Real Scoop on Business Development Training

Only a small percentage of practitioners feel comfortable and are effective at new business development.
10/23/14 Commentary: Turning Down Unnecessary Restaurant Noise

Excess noise will hurt sales in the long run and has a negative impact on repeat customers.
10/23/14 Solar Energy Prices Saw Double-Digit Declines in 2013
Prices for solar panels are expected to drop another 3% - 12% in 2014.
10/23/14 Colorado Employment Growth Will Continue Into 2015, CU Report Says
During the third quarter, 27,640 new businesses filed with the secretary of state’s office, marking the fastest growth in filings since 2006.
10/23/14 AGC Says 83% of Contracting Firms Report Labor Shortages
Sixty-one percent of firms are also having a hard time filling professional positions.
10/23/14 Architecture Billings Index Shows Robust Conditions Ahead for Construction Industry 
AIA reported the September ABI score was 55.2, up from a mark of 53.0 in August.
10/23/14 September Construction Starts Climb 10% Nationwide
During the first nine months of 2014, total construction starts gained 5% to $419.5 billion.
10/09/14 Stanley Marketplace Could Become a 'Catalyst Development' for Aurora
Plans call for a mixed-use redevelopment of the site into a destination marketplace that will house restaurants and retailers.
10/09/14 U.S. Nonresidential Construction Spending Falters in August
Nonresidential construction spending shrank 1.2% on a monthly basis in August but still managed to expand 6% year-over-year.
10/09/14 Credit Managers Index Drops to Two-Year Low
Several unfavorable factors in the index worsened, indicating possible business distress.
10/09/14 Colorado Business Confidence Dips But Remains Positive for 2014
The confidence of Colorado business leaders in the economy continues to be positive heading into the fourth quarter and is up from a year ago.
10/09/14 September Construction Employment Sees Modest Gains
The U.S. construction industry added 16,000 jobs in September, while nonresidential construction added 3,200 jobs.
09/25/14 Construction Spending Reaches a Six-Year High
All major categories of construction spending increased in July, and total construction reached the highest level since December 2008.
09/25/14 Dodge Momentum Index Makes Small Gain in August
The improvement in August is on the heels of a 5.7% decline in July.
09/25/14 Little Change for Construction Materials Prices in August
Construction materials prices were unchanged in August but are 1.7% higher than this time last year.
09/25/14 Equipment Leasing and Finance Confidence Up in September
Overall confidence in the equipment finance market is 60.2, an increase from the August index of 58.9.
09/25/14 August Construction Starts Fall 9% Nationwide
The August decline followed July’s elevated volume, the strongest so far in 2014.
09/25/14 State Policies Can Effectively Reduce Power Plant Emissions, New Study Says
The success of the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan depends on the effectiveness of state policies in reducing power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions.
09/25/14 CSO Plan for Boettcher Hall Remodel Emphasizes Modernity and Flexibility
The remodel plan envisions a modernized and upgraded building that allows for greater flexibility in programming.
09/25/14 Construction Employment Continues to Rise Across the U.S. in August
Construction firms added jobs in 36 states between August 2013 and August 2014.
09/10/14 Commentary: The Shocking End to a Long Mechanics Lien Case

After eight years of litigation and appeals, the contractor now stands to have a lien for about one-third of what it was owed.
09/10/14 Nonresidential Construction Employment Retains Momentum in August
Construction industry employment reached a five-year high in August as the sector added 20,000 jobs and its unemployment rate fell to 7.7%.
08/27/14 Dodge Momentum Index Loses Ground During July
July's 4.4% decline marks the index’s first drop in four months.
08/27/14 Commentary: LegalZoon.com Is Not Always the Right LLC Solution

All LLCs must maintain records, bank accounts and monies separate and apart from their owner-members.
08/27/14 July Architecture Billings Index Reaches Highest Mark Since 2007
The July ABI score was 55.8, up noticeably from a mark of 53.5 in June.
08/27/14 Consumer Confidence Index Improves for Fourth Consecutive Month in August
The Consumer Confidence Index now stands at 92.4, up from 90.3 in July.
08/27/14 Contractors Turning Down Work Due to Labor Shortages
A new industry labor survey says that 25% of firms report labor shortages are forcing them to turn down work.
08/27/14 July Construction Starts Rise 6% Nationwide
For the first seven months of 2014, construction starts were reported at $311.6 billion, a 4% gain compared to the same period a year ago.
08/14/14 July Credit Managers Index Shows Improved Confidence
New credit applications improved from 61.5 to 62.4, the second straight month above 60 and at a yearly high.
08/14/14 Construction Industry Adds 22,000 New Jobs in July
Construction employment totaled 6,041,000 in July, the highest total since May 2009.
08/13/14 Nonresidential Fixed Investment Expands 5.5% During Robust Q2 2014
GDP increased 4% during the second quarter of 2014.
08/13/14 Nonresidential Sector Spending Growth Falters in June
Spending for June totaled $588.8 billion on a seasonally adjusted, annualized basis, a 2.8% drop.
07/30/14 Construction Industry Employment Increases in Most Metro Areas This Summer
But the 18% drop in employment in Cheyenne was among the largest percentage declines in the past year.
07/30/14 Nonresidential Fixed Investment Expands 5.5% During Second Quarter
Real GDP also increased 4% during the second quarter.
07/30/14 Commentary: Five Tips for Working Out of State

Here are some ways to avoid surprises when you perform a construction or design contract outside your home state.
07/30/14 June Construction Starts Jump 6% Nationwide
New construction starts in June advanced 6% to $549.7 billion, the highest level so far in 2014.
07/29/14 July Consumer Confidence Index at Highest Level Since October 2007
The index now stands at 90.9, up from 86.4 in June.
07/29/14 Denver Museum of Nature and Science Addition Achieves LEED Platinum
The expansion operates at a savings of 62.2% in energy use, with a 50% reduction in energy costs.
07/29/14 Commercial Real Estate Development Growing at Strongest Pace Since Recovery Began
The NAIOP report says that development growth for the rest of 2014 and into 2015 will be 8% - 15%.
07/16/14 Construction Materials Prices Inch Higher in June
Nonresidential construction materials prices expanded 0.1% for the month and are 1.4% higher than one year ago.
07/16/14 Commentary: Solving the Big Four Issues on Design-Build, P3 Projects

The ways to lose projects can be broadly categorized in one of two major areas: teaming and neglect.
07/11/14 Construction Spending Shows Steady Gains in Nonresidential Sector
Construction put in place totaled $956 billion in May, 0.1% above the upwardly revised April total.
07/11/14 Colorado Poised for Continued Job Growth in 2014
The Colorado economy continues to outperform the U.S. economy and grow at a magnitude that slightly exceeds previous expectations.
07/11/14 RTD Reopens 40th Avenue Between Blake and York Streets
The segment of East 40th Avenue between Blake and York streets was closed for 19 months due to rail construction.
07/02/14 Consumer Confidence Reaches Highest Level Since Jan. 2008
The Consumer Confidence Index stands at 85.2, up from 82.2 in May.
07/02/14 Construction Employment Increases in 40 States in Past Year
Still, construction employment remains below peak levels in every state and the District of Columbia, except North Dakota.
07/02/14 Doctors Are the Key to Promoting Healthy Building Design, New Study Says
The study suggests that getting more information to doctors is essential to help create demand for more healthy building design and construction.
07/02/14 Construction Spending Edges Higher During May
Nonresidential construction spending rose 1.1% on a monthly basis in May and has increased 6.4% on a year-over-year basis.
07/02/14 May Construction Starts Retreat 5% Nationwide
The total construction decline followed two months of strengthening activity.
06/19/14 Construction Materials Prices Remain Flat in May
Construction materials prices remained flat in May but are up 1.6% year over year.
06/18/14 Construction Industry Unemployment Rate Declines to 8.6%
Construction employers added 6,000 workers to payrolls in May.
06/04/14 April Construction Advances 3 Percent Nationwide
New construction starts in April rose 3% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $533.7 billion.
06/03/14 ABC Rocky Mountain Presents 2014 STEP Awards
The Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) awards are granted by ABC National.
06/03/14 AIA Architecture Billings Index Continues to Contract
The score for design contracts in April was 54.6.?
06/03/14 Consumer Confidence Improves in May
Consumers’ assessment of the labor market was also more favorable in May.
06/03/14 Construction Spending Rises Moderately in April
Total construction spending rose modestly for the third straight month in April.
05/20/14 Construction Employment Continues to Grow During 'Fragile' Recovery
Better weather helped boost construction employment in most states.
05/20/14 Colorado State University Launches Sustainability Certificate Program
The program is targeted toward sustainability professionals working in all industries.
05/20/14 Douglas County School District Reduces Energy Costs
This is the second phase of an energy savings program involving McKinstry and the school district, which began in 2013.
05/20/14 New Risk Index Identifies Top Industry Concerns
A recent survey polled more than 1,100 business decision-makers to better understand what they believe pose the biggest threats to their business.
05/19/14 DIA to Replace 5,400 Lights With New LED Fixtures
Construction on the $2.7-million lighting project will begin in May and should take about a year to complete.
05/19/14 Materials Prices Increase in April for Fifth Consecutive Month
Overall construction materials prices increased 0.4% in April and are up 1.5% year over year.
05/19/14 Broadmoor West Hotel Reopens After Extensive Addition and Renovation
Guests began arriving May 15 to mark the next chapter in the history of the resort.
05/08/14 U.S. Construction Spending Edges Higher in March
Construction put in place totaled $943 billion in March, 0.2% above the February total.
05/08/14 Industry Unemployment Reaches Lowest Rate in Seven Years
Contractors added 32,000 workers to payrolls in April.
04/24/14 Commentary: Construction Industry Needs to Coordinate Its Work Force Solutions

The shortage must be solved at the local level, but first we need a national strategy.
04/24/14 USGBC Ranks Colorado 8th in U.S. for LEED Projects

The 2013 ranking was down from third overall in 2012 and second in 2011.
04/24/14 Industry Seeks Creative Solutions to Growing Work Force Shortages

Construction professionals are uniting in a mission to rebuild the pipeline of young workers that once flowed into the industry.
04/24/14 New Federal Silica Dust Rules Leave Contractors Breathless

Compliance costs for the new silica dust regs may be at least four times greater than OSHA’s estimate.
04/24/14 March Construction Starts Climb 7% Nationwide
New construction starts in March advanced 7% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $521.4 billion.
04/23/14 Equipment Leasing and Finance Volume Up 3% in March
04/23/14 Architecture Billings Index Mired in a Slowdown
The AIA reported the March ABI score was 48.8, down sharply from a mark of 50.7 in February.
04/11/14 Construction Materials Prices Rise 0.5% in March
Construction materials prices expanded 0.5% in March and are up 1.1% from March of last year.
04/11/14 Commentary: A Regional Contractor Looks at Alternative Project Delivery

APD may offer an excellent opportunity to expand or diversify a construction business.
04/11/14 Nonresidential Construction Spending Inches Higher
Nonresidential construction spending increased 0.6% in February and has risen 6.1% since February 2013.
04/11/14 Industry Jobs Report Meets Expectations in March
The U.S. construction industry gained 19,000 jobs in March and the construction unemployment rate fell to 11.3%.
04/11/14 Commentary: How to Revive Tired Retail Spaces With New Design Concepts

Outdated shopping centers coast to coast have been reborn through updated graphics, lighting, signage, landscaping improvements and minor architectural updates.
04/11/14 Commentary: You Actually Found Some Skilled Labor—Now What?

When a contractor does hire someone new, there are steps that can help mitigate the risks inherent to the new hire.
04/11/14 2013 Top Project Starts in Mountain States Show Healthy Mix of Public, Private Work

A surge of residential and commercial projects has helped to offset weaker levels of non-building starts.
03/26/14 Colorado Recovery From Recession Includes Good and Bad News
Colorado lost 146,000 jobs during the recent recession and only recently regained them.
03/25/14 City of Denver Opens Its First Natural Gas Fueling Station
Denver has already purchased 19 CNG vehicles and anticipates having 40 vehicles before the end of 2014.
03/25/14 Commentary: Where Have All the Condos Gone?

The result of these lawsuits has been to discourage developers, design professionals and contractors from doing any new condominium projects.
03/25/14 Construction Materials Prices Expand Again in February
Construction materials prices expanded 0.7% in February and are up 0.6% over the past year.
03/25/14 Architecture Billings Index Shows Slight Improvement 
AIA says here was another minor increase in the ABI in February.
03/25/14 February Construction Starts Unchanged From Previous Month
At $486.7 billion, new construction starts in February were essentially the same as January’s amount.
03/13/14 CU Denver Architecture Program Expansion Moves Younger Students Closer to Professionals

The university has moved its undergraduate program in architecture from the Boulder campus to Denver.
03/13/14 Denver Selected for National Project to Improve Vitality of City Bike Lanes
Denver will receive financial, strategic and technical assistance to create low-stress streets and increase vitality in its urban center through the installation of protected bike lanes.
03/13/14 Industry Workforce Shortages Loom as Employment Grows
Many firms report they are already having a hard time finding skilled workers.
02/26/14 Slight Rebound for AIA Architecture Billings Index in January
The January ABI score was 50.4, up from a mark of 48.5 in December.
02/26/14 Materials Prices Rise Less Than 1% Nationwide in January
The overall producer price index for inputs to construction rose 0.6% in January.
02/26/14 January Construction Starts Slide 13% Nationwide
The value of new construction starts fell 13% in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $485 billion.
02/26/14 CDOT Finds Benefits, Challenges to High-Speed Transit
The system is forecast to serve 18 to 19 million passengers a year in 2035.
02/26/14 Consumer Confidence Index Declines Moderately
The Consumer Confidence Index now stands at 78.1, down from 79.4 in January.
02/06/14 Construction Spending Rises 4.8% Nationwide in 2013
Total construction spending edged up 0.1% in December and rose by a modest 4.8% for all of 2013.
02/03/14 Technical Climbers Help to Reopen Colorado Pass After Major Rockslide

A section of rock the size of a football field sheared away from the mountain and sent 7,000 to 10,000 cu yd of debris onto the highway 900 ft below.
01/30/14 Consumer Confidence Index Increases Again in January
The Consumer Confidence Index now stands at 80.7, up from 77.5 in December.
01/24/14 New Construction Starts in December Improve 5% Nationwide
For 2013 as a whole, total construction starts advanced 6% to $516.8 billion.
01/23/14 Denver to Start Two-Way Street Grid Conversion in Lower Downtown
A two-block stretch of 18th Street between Wynkoop and Blake streets in Lower Downtown Denver will be converted from one-way to two-way traffic this year.
01/22/14 Architecture Billings Index Contracts for Second Straight Month in December
The ABI has posted its first consecutive months of contraction since May and June 2012.
01/22/14 CDOT Approves More Funding to Widen I-70 Twin Tunnels
The agency also reaches an agreement with Clear Creek County and the city of Idaho Springs for I-70 mountain corridor improvements.
01/22/14 Construction Materials Prices Rise Only .1% in December
Nonresidential construction materials prices also rose only 0.1% for the month and are 1% higher than the same time one year ago.
01/16/14 Commentary: Sorting Out Deeds of Trust and Mechanics Lien Priorities

Whether a particular mechanic’s lien has priority over a deed of trust requires careful factual and legal study.
01/16/14 Commentary: AIA Issues 2014 Punch List for Congress

AIA's “punch list” will ignite the construction economy by spurring much-needed improvements in energy efficiency, infrastructure and resiliency and create jobs for small businesses.?
01/16/14 Commentary: The Top 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2014

Businesses, nonprofits and government agencies will spend more than $1.5 trillion in capital goods or fixed business investments this year.
01/16/14 Strong Performance Predicted for Lodging Industry in 2014
The global hospitality sector witnessed a strong appetite for growth in 2013, a trend that is set to continue and pick up pace in 2014.
01/16/14 Nonresidential Construction Spending Returns to Normal in November
Nonresidential construction spending grew 0.6% on a monthly and yearly basis in November.
01/16/14 Consumer Confidence Index Rebounds During December
The Consumer Confidence Index stands at 78.1 (1985=100), up from 72.0 in November.
01/03/14 November Construction Retreats 11% Nationwide
For the first 11 months of 2013, total construction starts on an unadjusted basis came in at $475.3 billion, up 6% from the same period a year ago.
12/30/13 Commentary: Construction Defects Are Accidents Under Insurance Policies, Courts Say

More courts are ruling that construction defects are “accidents.”
12/27/13 Regional Industry Growth Steady in 2014, But Uncertainties Linger

The industry will improve in 2014, but more work force and funding challenges lie ahead.
12/19/13 Commentary: Selling Your Business? One Buyer Is No Buyer

Attempting to complete a business sale with only one prospective buyer can lead to a host of problems.
12/19/13 Commentary: Notice and Filing Requirements in Wyoming Lien Law

The effect of a mechanic’s lien is that an encumbrance is placed on the title of the improved property.
12/19/13 Commentary: We Can All Use a Little More Place in Our Lives

A recent example of a "shopping destination" is Station Park in Farmington, Utah.
12/18/13 Commentary: Insurance Coverage: Damage for Contracting Work

Insurance coverage is a tricky area of the law that should be considered very carefully by construction industry members when buying insurance policies.
12/16/13 Construction Materials Prices Remain Stable in November
Construction materials prices fell 0.5% in November and are up only 1.1% year over year.
12/16/13 Equipment Lease Finance Industry Confidence Improves in November
Overall confidence in the equipment finance market is at 56.9, an increase from the October index of 54.0.
12/04/13 Industry Employment Increases Across the U.S.
Construction employment increased in 39 states over the past 12 months.
12/04/13 Construction Materials Prices Fall Slightly in October
Construction materials prices fell 0.2% in October and are down 0.3% year over year.
12/04/13 ARTBA Forecasts Moderate Growth for U.S. Transportation Infrastructure
The U.S. transportation infrastructure construction market is forecast to grow 5% from $129 billion this year to $135.8 billion in 2014.
12/04/13 Denver Housing Authority Receives HUD Grant for Sun Valley Development
DHA was given $500,000 to help the Sun Valley community with seed funding for new housing.
12/04/13 U.S. Consumer Confidence Declines Again in November
Consumers’ assessment of overall current conditions decreased slightly.
12/04/13 Construction Spending Nationwide Reaches Four-Year Peak
Construction put in place in October totaled $908 billion, 0.8% higher than in September.
11/21/13 Commentary: Getting Paid on Colorado Public Construction Jobs

Alert subcontractors and suppliers have remedies to assure that they get paid on Colorado public projects.
11/21/13 National Construction Backlog Remains Unchanged in Q3
The CBI remained nearly unchanged between the second and third quarters of 2013.
11/21/13 Nonresidential Construction Adds 6,400 Jobs in October
National construction unemployment rate stood at 9% in October.
11/21/13 FMI Predicts U.S. Construction Will Reach $977B in 2014
Health care construction is expected to grow 6% in 2014 to $44 billion
11/21/13 Architecture Billings Index Slows Its Progress in November
The October ABI score was 51.6, down from a mark of 54.3 in September.
11/21/13 October Construction Starts Advance 5% Nationwide
The October gain followed a 13% jump for total construction starts in September.
11/21/13 NREL ESIF Garners LEED Platinum
ESIF houses more than 15 experimental laboratories and several outdoor test beds.
11/21/13 Silverton School Rehab Earns LEED Gold
The carefully restored historic school consumes 33% less energy than the original structure.
11/06/13 Utah Town Signs First-Ever Agreement to Privatize Public Works
Cottonwood Heights is the first city in Utah to fully privatize its public works services.
11/06/13 Consumer Confidence Decreases Sharply Nationwide in October
Consumers’ expectations, which had softened in September, decreased sharply in October.
11/06/13 Housing Will Lead Industry to Moderate Growth in 2014
Total U.S. construction starts for 2014 will rise 9% to $555.3 billion, McGraw Hill Dodge Outlook says.
11/06/13 RTD Staff Recommends Proposal for North Metro Rail Line
GBBH’s proposed cost to build the line to 124th Avenue is $343 million.
10/23/13 CDOT Says No Flood-Damaged Bridges Need to Be Replaced
Of the 491 flood-damaged bridges, 120 were determined to be stable but in need of repair.
10/23/13 Commentary: The Built Environment Is About to Matter More Than Ever

The reason for its importance can be found in the basic human need for real relationships.
10/23/13 CDOT Approves 44 RAMP Program Transportation Projects
The projects total $580 million to expand the statewide transportation system.
10/23/13 Architecture Billings Index Surges Higher in September
The index reached its second highest level of the year.
10/23/13 September Construction Starts Climb 13% Nationwide
Nonresidential building bounced back after losing momentum in August.
09/26/13 New NREL Study Says Costs for Western Renewables Could Narrow by 2025
A new study says that wind and solar power generation could become cost competitive without federal subsidies by 2025.
09/26/13 FMI 2014 Forecast Predicts Modest Growth of 7% Nationwide
Early forecasts for 2014 show annual construction-put-in-place will experience moderate growth of 7%, rising to $977 billion.
09/26/13 Construction Materials Prices Rise Only 0.3% in August
Construction materials prices rose only 0.3% in August and are up 1.4% year-over-year.
09/26/13 August Construction Rises 2% Nationwide
Residential building stayed on the upward track, and nonbuilding construction rebounded after its loss of momentum in July.
09/26/13 CDOT Selects Flood-Repair Road and Bridge Contractors
The four new contracting teams have begun repairs on the state's three major corridors heavily damaged in this month's floods.
09/26/13 RTD Receives Four Solid Proposals to Complete North Metro Rail Line
RTD has received four "solid" design and construction proposals for its North Metro Rail Line.
09/26/13 Consumer Confidence Index Falls Slightly in September
The index now stands at 79.7 (1985=100), down from 81.8 in August.
09/14/13 Colorado Flood Waters Reach Historic Levels, Storm Not Done Yet

Residents along Colorado’s northern Front Range were still battling at mid-day Friday the effects of what state officials are calling “historically significant” rainfall and “biblical floods.”
09/12/13 Construction Spending Hits Four-Year High in July
Total construction spending hit a four-year high in July as private residential and nonresidential activity increased.
09/12/13 McKinstry Partnering with City of Golden, Colo., on PV Solar Project
The solar PV project will produce 677 kilowatts of electricity and generate $155,000 in annual cost savings for the city.
09/12/13 Colorado State University Moving Ahead With South Metro Denver Plans
The CSU System is actively looking at opportunities to build a new facility in south Denver in the next three to five years.
09/12/13 CDOT Receives TIGER Grant for Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels
The fire suppression system in the tunnels would not completely extinguish a vehicle fire in the tunnels but rather buy critical time needed for first responders.
09/12/13 Industry Employment Growth Stalls in August
Construction employment totaled 5.79 million in August, matching the July total.
09/12/13 Three-Quarters of Contractors Report Problems With Finding Qualified Workers
The most frequently reported difficulties are in filling such onsite construction jobs as carpenters, equipment operators and laborers.
09/12/13 First Colorado Bridge Monitoring System Installed on S.H. 24
CDOT will be able to monitor the bridge’s movements from its Denver headquarters.
09/12/13 Consumer Confidence Index Increases Slightly in August
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in July, increased slightly in August.
09/03/13 Commentary: Utah Court Ruling Gives Renewed Clout to Liquidated Damages Clauses

The new liquidated-damages law will affect contractors and design-builders doing business in Utah.
08/23/13 New Construction Starts to Climb 6% in 2013
New construction starts are forecast to rise 6% this year to $506 billion, according to McGraw Hill Construction.
08/23/13 Colorado Bridge Replacements Benefit From FASTER Funding
As of July 31, the CBE has replaced 53 deficient bridges with another 22 under construction and 33 in design.
08/23/13 Positive Upward Trend Continues for AIA Architecture Billings Index
The ABI jumped more than a full point in July, indicating acceleration in the growth of design activity nationally.
08/23/13 U.S. Construction Machinery Exports Down 21% at Midyear
U.S. construction machinery exports dropped 21% during the first half of 2013.
08/23/13 July Construction Recedes 2% Nationwide
New construction starts in July decreased 2% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $479.1 billion.
08/21/13 Commentary: Curbing Meritless Claims Against Design Professionals

In states without safeguards, people can sue anyone involved in a project if they perceive construction defects.
08/08/13 New NREL Report Firms Up Land-Use Requirements for Solar Energy
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo., has published a new report on the land-use requirements of solar power plants.
08/08/13 CSU Team Investigates Earthquake Retrofits on ‘Soft’ First-Floor Buildings
Since July, the research team has tested a variety of earthquake retrofits on a full-scale, 44,000-sq-ft building built specifically for the tests.
08/07/13 Industry Unemployment Hits 9.1%, Lowest in July Since 2008
The unemployment rate for construction workers fell to the lowest July level in five years, even though employment has stagnated in the past four months.
08/07/13 Cesar Chavez Federal Building Earns LEED Gold

The building, originally constructed in 1984, houses more than 400 federal employees.
08/06/13 RTD and Stakeholders Move Toward Solutions for Northwest Transit
The transit alternatives include options for phased construction of the 41-mile Northwest Rail corridor in segments.
08/06/13 U.S. Construction Spending Slips Further in June
Total construction spending cooled in June as residential building hit the pause button.
07/31/13 Consumer Confidence Declines Slightly in July from June Levels
The confidence index now stands at 80.3, down from 82.1 in June.
07/31/13 Industry Employment Shows Steady Gains in Past Year
Construction employment increased in 191 out of 339 metropolitan areas between June 2012 and June 2013.
07/30/13 CU Economist Says Colorado Will See Continued Growth in 2013
Every industry in the state except natural resources and mining, information and financial activities is registering year-over-year employment growth.
07/29/13 Architecture Billings Index Stays in Growth Mode
The June ABI score was 51.6, down from a mark of 52.9 in May but up overall for the year.
07/29/13 June Construction Settles Back One Percent Nationwide
New construction starts in June receded 1% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $489.5 billion.
07/29/13 CDOT Building First Diverging Diamond Interchange in Colorado
The project is a partnership between CDOT and the city of Grand Junction to improve safety and traffic flow on I-70 at Exit 26.
07/10/13 Green Building Practices Growing Rapidly in Retail and Hospitality Sectors
The study says owners note strong business benefits from green-building investments and green operations and maintenance practices.
07/10/13 New RTD Poll Shows Most Denver-Area Residents Still Support FasTracks
Nearly 85% of Denver-area residents believe the Regional Transportation District’s FasTracks program was a good decision.
07/10/13 Construction Spending Shows Modest Increase in May
Total construction spending climbed modestly in May as growth in residential and public construction offset a drop in private nonresidential activity.
07/09/13 CSU Pueblo Modernization Project Earns LEED Platinum
The rejuvenated facility is now the nexus for campus cultural and academic activity.
06/28/13 Trimble Opens Its New Westminster, Colo. Campus
Trimble officially opened its new campus in Westminster,Colo., on June 24.
06/28/13 U.S. Construction Industry Continues Its Recovery
The nation’s construction industry is continuing to recover, primarily in the housing construction sector.
06/26/13 RTD Will Move Planned Light Rail Station on CU Anschutz Campus
The RTD Board of Directors has approved a request from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to relocate the planned Montview Station on the I-225 Rail Line.
06/25/13 Construction Industry Employment Increases in 27 States
Construction employment increased in a majority of states in May, setting all-time highs in some states.
06/25/13 Corps Selects Mortenson-HDR Design-Builders for Fort Carson Work
The 370,156-gross-sq-ft complex will provide three apartment buildings.
06/25/13 Construction Safety Programs Yield Business Benefits
Firms are reporting that on-site safety training and education programs are currently most widely adopted.
06/25/13 May Construction Climbs 5% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $495.7 billion, new construction starts in May advanced 5% from the previous month.
06/20/13 New Bill Expands Colorado's Renewable-Energy Standard
SB 252 increases the Renewable Energy Standard to 20% by 2020 for the state’s largest cooperative electric associations.
06/20/13 Industry Unemployment Rate Drops to 10.8% Nationwide
Construction employment in May totaled 5,804,000, an increase of 189,000 or 3.4% over the past year.
06/20/13 IKEA to Double Size of Rooftop Solar Array on Its Centennial Store
Installation of panels on the roof’s remaining space will begin in July, with completion expected by this fall.
06/19/13 Strong Rebound for May Architecture Billings Index
AIA reported the May ABI score was 52.9, up from 48.6 in April.
06/07/13 MSC Aerospace to Expand Its Operations in Iron County, Utah

Aircraft manufacturer MSC Aerospace has announced a major expansion in Iron County in southern Utah.
06/05/13 U.S. Consumer Confidence Reaches a Five-Year High
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had improved in April, increased again in May.
06/05/13 How Technology Is Transforming the Parking Industry 
Denver is among the cities leading the nation in parking innovations.
06/05/13 Construction Industry Employment Increases in Past Year
Construction employment increased in 170 out of 339 metropolitan areas between April 2012 and April 2013.
06/05/13 Construction Spending Nationwide Edges Higher in April
Total construction spending registered a small gain in April but showed mixed patterns among major segments.
05/23/13 Industry Employment Declines in Half of U.S. States in April
Construction employment declined in 32 states and the District of Columbia in April even as 29 states added jobs between April 2012 and April 2013.
05/23/13 April Construction Starts Slip 1% Nationwide
New construction starts in April settled back 1% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $473.0 billion.
05/23/13 ABI Reverts Into Negative Territory for First Time in Nine Months
The American Institute of Architects reported the April ABI score was 48.6, down from a mark of 51.9 in March.
05/08/13 Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Improves
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in March, increased in April.
05/08/13 Construction Unemployment Drops to Five-Year Low
The unemployment rate for construction workers fell to the lowest April level in five years as contractors added more than 150,000 employees in the past year.
05/08/13 Dodge Momentum Index Shows Further Growth in April  
The Dodge Momentum Index rose 5.2% in April from the previous month.
04/29/13 Kennecott Copper Announces Plans Going Forward After Massive Landslide

The slide occurred April 10 on the mine’s northeast slope and was anticipated by Kennecott engineers.
04/25/13 Commentary: Risk Vs. Rewards in P3s for Design-Build Contractors

Given the long-term operate-and-maintain component typically included in P3s, everyone involved in project development must focus on its full life cycle.
04/25/13 Construction Materials Prices Remain Flat in March
The largest monthly price decrease among construction inputs occurred in the producer price index for diesel fuel.
04/25/13 New Survey Reports on Highway Cone Zone Accidents
Thirty-eight percent of highway contractors had motor vehicles crash into their construction work zones during the past year, according to the results of a new highway work-zone study.
04/25/13 Commentary: Notable Recent P3 Success Stories in Colorado

Public-private partnerships are alive and thriving in Colorado because of leadership from the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, the Regional Transportation District and the City and County of Denver.
04/24/13 Construction Employment Increases in 30 States in Last Month
Construction employment increased in 30 states in March as the industry expanded, but at a slower pace than in February.
04/24/13 Architecture Billings Index Down Slightly in March
The American Institute of Architects reported the March ABI score was 51.9, down from a mark of 54.9 in February.
04/24/13 March Construction Improves 8% Nationwide
New construction starts in March climbed 8% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $475.7 billion.
04/11/13 Colorado Unemployment Rate Drops During February
The unemployment rate decreased one tenth of one percentage point over the month to 7.2%.
04/11/13 Colorado Business Confidence Surges Going Into Second Quarter
The confidence of Colorado business leaders has surged going into the second quarter of 2013.
04/11/13 Construction Spending Rebounds Nationwide in February
Construction put in place totaled $885 billion in February, up 1.2% from the downwardly revised January level.
04/11/13 Insurance Exclusions May Surprise Contractors

The latest round of construction general liability policy changes is the largest the industry has seen in years.
04/10/13 New Labor-Savings Tools Reduce Overhead, Limit Liability

Construction companies are increasingly allocating more money for labor-saving items that reduce man hours in the field while limiting liability risks.
03/28/13 Proposal for North Metro Line Has Technical Merit
Because of the new proposal, the agency plans to accelerate the release of a Request for Proposals for the North Metro project.
03/27/13 Commentary: Scope of Services 101: Taking a Checklist Approach

Outlining your scope of services is important to helping reduce professional liability and risk as well as boost your bottom line.
03/27/13 Consumer Confidence Declines Sharply From February to March
Consumers are once again pessimistic about the short-term outlook.
03/26/13 Architecture Billings Index Improves at a Healthy Pace
The American Institute of Architects reported the February ABI score was 54.9, up slightly from a mark of 54.2 in January.
03/26/13 February Construction Starts Slide 7% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $435.4 billion, new construction starts in February dropped 7% from the previous month.
03/20/13 Construction Employment Increases in the Past Year
Contractors in some metro areas are beginning to worry about the availability of skilled workers now that they have resumed hiring.
03/14/13 Schools and Universities Report Benefits From Green Components
Both K-12 and universities are reporting significant benefits from green construction and renovation techniques and components.
03/14/13 Construction Spending Tumbles in January, But Is Up From Year Ago
Construction spending snapped a nine-month string of monthly gains with a sharp decline in January but still rose from year-ago levels.
03/14/13 Highway and Bridge Contracts Down 3% in Past 12 Months
The real value of highway and bridge contract awards over the last 12 months was down 3% compared the previous 12-month period.
03/14/13 Construction Employment Hits 3-Year National High
Construction firms added 48,000 jobs in February, the ninth consecutive month of job growth for the industry.
02/27/13 Consumer Confidence Index Rebounds During February
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in January, rebounded in February.
02/26/13 Commentary: Legal-Illegal Marijuana and Construction

Although Colorado now has laws legalizing marijuana under defined conditions, marijuana is a “controlled substance” under federal law.
02/26/13 Strong Surge for Architecture Billings Index in January
AIA reported the January ABI score was 54.2, up sharply from a mark of 51.2 in December.
02/26/13 Construction Materials Prices on the Increase Again
Prices for construction materials moved higher in January, propelled by large jumps in items used in new housing and nonresidential building renovations.
02/26/13 January Construction Retreats 12% Nationwide
The value of new construction starts dropped 12% in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $469.1 billion.
02/05/13 Construction Spending, Employment Hit Three-Year Highs
Revised government data issued recently show the construction industry is contributing substantially to economic and employment growth.
01/30/13 Commentary: Top 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2013
The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association recently revealed its Top 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2013.
01/30/13 Fifth Consecutive Month of Gains for Architecture Billings Index
Business conditions at architecture firms continue to improve.
01/30/13 Construction Starts in December Jump 23% Nationwide
New construction starts in December climbed 23% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $530 billion.
01/30/13 Private-Sector Demand Boosts Industry Employment
Growing private-sector demand for new construction projects boosted employment in a slight plurality of metro areas.
01/30/13 Consumer Confidence Index Declines Further in January
Consumers’ appraisal of current conditions deteriorated again in January.
01/17/13 Construction Industry Gains 30,000 Jobs in December

Construction’s unemployment rate rose in December to 13.5%, from November’s 12.2%, even with an industry gain of 30,000 jobs.
01/17/13 Commentary: Safe Growth Is Real Key to Job Creation

Government agencies should increase their focus on educating existing private business owners on how to manage both the risks and the challenges presented by growth.
01/17/13 Commentary: Keys to Peer Leadership From an Unlikely Source

When you’re charged with leading a team of your peers or former peers, the right combination of resources makes all the difference.
01/17/13 Commentary: Doing Due Diligence in Multifamily Construction

Bidding errors or unanticipated project costs can wipe out all profits on a project and even threaten a company’s overall financial strength.
01/17/13 New Survey Shows Improved 2013 Industry Outlook
Significantly more construction firms are planning to add new staff than plan to cut staff, while demand for many types of private-sector construction projects should increase this year.
01/17/13 Construction Materials Prices Rise Through End of Last Year
For the 12 months ending in December, the producer price index for all construction inputs rose 1.3%.
01/03/13 Colorado Business Confidence Remains Positive Going Into Q1 2013
Colorado business leaders’ optimism is moderately positive going into the first quarter of 2013.
01/03/13 Equipment Leasing and Finance New Business Up in November 
The industry’s overall new business volume for November was $6.4 billion, up 3% from a volume of $6.2 billion in the same period in 2011.
01/03/13 RTD Will Implement FasTracks Internal Savings Account
The agency's savings account is comprised of eight items expected to generate nearly $300 million by 2017.
01/03/13 Consumer Confidence Index Drops Six Points in December
The Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined slightly in November, posted another decrease in December.
01/03/13 Credit Managers Index Declines in December
The Credit Managers Index from the National Association of Credit Management slipped again in December.
01/03/13 Construction Spending Up Year-Over-Year in November
Four categories of private nonresidential construction posted increases of more than 10% between November 2011 and November 2012.
12/21/12 Industry Employment Declines in November
Construction employment declined by 20,000 jobs in November while the industry's unemployment rate hit 12.2%.
12/21/12 Materials Prices Continued to Fall in November
Construction materials costs dropped in November, aided by a plunge in diesel prices along with smaller decreases in a variety of other inputs.
12/21/12 CU Boulder to Offer Construction Management Track
The University of Colorado in Boulder will create a construction management track within the MBA program in the university's Leeds School of Business.
12/21/12 Commentary: 2013 Resolutions for Construction Executives

Careful construction industry people (and others) may want to make the following New Year's resolutions for 2013.
12/21/12 Architecture Billings Index Signals Gains for Fourth Straight Month
Billings at architecture firms across the country continue to increase.
12/21/12 November Construction Slips 5 Percent Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $421.3 billion, new construction starts in November fell 5% from the previous month.
12/21/12 Regional 2013 Outlook Shows Private-Sector Strength

The Mountain States region could outpace national expectations for construction industry growth in 2013.
12/21/12 Regional Specialty Contractors See Upswing in 2013

The trades are optimistic about next year but also cautious about the national economy and politics.
12/06/12 Consumer Confidence Index At Highest Level Since February 2008
The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index, which increased in October, posted a moderate increase in November.
12/06/12 Construction Spending Rises to 37-Month High
All major segments of construction spending increased in October, bringing total spending to a 37-month high at an annualized rate of $872 billion.
11/21/12 October Construction Falls 14 Percent Nationwide
The value of new construction starts retreated 14% in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $434.9 billion.
11/21/12 Dodge Momentum Index Slides Again in October
The Dodge Momentum Index slipped another 0.6% over the month of October.
11/21/12 Construction Materials Prices Dip Nationwide in October
A key price index for construction materials dipped in October and showed only a moderate increase over the past year.
11/21/12 Residential and Non-Residential Green Building Outlook Strong
The value of green building in the U.S. has grown from $10 billion in 2005 to $78 billion in 2011.
11/21/12 Schools and Universities Continue Investment in Green Building
According to a new study, both K-12 and universities plan to continue investments in green schools, citing financial and social benefits.
11/21/12 Construction Employment Declined in 28 States From October 2011 to October 2012
Construction employment declined in 28 states from October 2011 to October 2012 even as 31 states and Washington, D.C. added jobs during the past month.
11/21/12 Commentary: Five Reasons Why Leaders Are Not Talking About Our Crumbling Infrastructure

It has become clear that unless we have a catastrophic failure of another piece of infrastructure, there is little likelihood that our imperiled roads and bridges will receive the attention they deserve
11/08/12 Construction Spending Reaches Three-Year High in September
Construction spending in September climbed to a nearly three-year high at an annualized rate of $852 billion.
11/08/12 CDOT Under Way With Design of North I-25 Reconstruction
The Colorado Dept. of Transportation has started the design for various improvements to the North I-25 corridor.
11/08/12 Construction Industry Adds 17,000 Jobs During October
Construction employers added 17,000 jobs in October while the industry’s unemployment rate fell to 11.4%.
11/08/12 Commentary: Insurance Coverage for Defective Workmanship – Part 5

The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that a typical comprehensive general liability (CGL) insurance policy does not cover defectively performed work of a subcontractor but does cover nondefective work of third parties.
10/25/12 New Research Shows Dramatic Increase in Use of BIM in North America
The percentage of companies using BIM jumped from 17% in 2007, to 49% in 2009 to 71% in 2012.
10/25/12 U.S. Commercial Real Estate Sector Recovery to Advance Further in 2013
The real estate recovery is set to advance in 2013, as modest gains in leasing, rents and pricing will extend across U.S. markets from coast to coast.
10/25/12 Commentary: Commercial Spending Will Not Increase in Near Future

More spending is evident in areas such as health care, energy, infrastructure, mining and natural gas.
10/25/12 Denver Selects Design Team for New City Park Playground
Denver Parks and Recreation has made its final selection from three design teams for the “Re-imagine Play” project at Denver’s City Park.
10/25/12 Commentary: Some Suggestions for New Attorney Fees Clauses

In Colorado there are very few statutes that allow the recovery of attorney’s fees.
10/25/12 Industry Employment Declines in 28 States in Past Year
Construction employment declined in 28 states from September 2011 to September 2012 even as 30 states added jobs during the past month.
10/25/12 Architecture Billings Index Increases in September
Billings at architecture firms in September increased at their fastest pace since late 2010.
10/25/12 September Construction Jumps 16% Nationwide
New construction starts in September climbed 16% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $507.2 billion.
10/22/12 Regional Cultural Icons and Industrial Projects Claim 2012 Top Awards

The Mountain States region had more than 100 entries from which the judges selected nearly 70 winners.
10/21/12 Civic Center in Denver Designated as a National Historic Landmark

Denver’s Civic Center was designated a National Historic Landmark on Oct. 17, making it the City and County of Denver's first NHL and one of two civic centers in the country to achieve that recognition.
10/12/12 Construction Materials Costs Jump Again in September
The recent materials price surge comes despite mild year-over-year changes in prices overall.
10/11/12 Colorado State University Ready to Begin New Stadium Fundraising
In addition to an aggressive campaign to raise money, the university will move ahead with detailed planning for the stadium project.
10/11/12 Industry Employment Declines in Half of Metro Areas Year Over Year
Construction employment declined in 164 out of 337 metropolitan areas between August 2011 and August 2012.
10/11/12 Industry Confidence Rising Despite Some Bumps
The construction industry is experiencing some bumps in its recovery but is generally on a modest upward trajectory.
10/11/12 Commentary: Protecting Employees from Sprains and Strains

These work-related injuries affect muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, nerves and blood vessels.
09/27/12 Construction Materials Prices Increase in August
The cost of key construction materials increased in August and year-to-year, resuming a trend that has forced contractors to pay more for materials while profits are down.
09/27/12 Economic Analysis Shows Impacts of Under Investing in Infrastructure
Aging infrastructure for marine ports, inland waterways and airports threatens more than one million U.S. jobs, according to a new report on American infrastructure.
09/27/12 Economic Downturn Cut Revenue of Architecture Firms by 40%
Since the beginning of the recession in early 2008, architecture firms have collectively seen their revenue drop by 40% and have had to cut personnel by nearly a third.
09/27/12 Commentary: Impact of Health Care Reform on Industry Remains Uncertain

Firms involved in the design and construction of health care facilities are also trying to gauge the health care reform law’s ramifications for their business.
09/27/12 Construction Employment Declines in 30 States in Past Year
Construction employment declined in 30 states from August 2011 to August 2012 and in 26 states in the past month.
09/27/12 Green Building Movement Needs Better Metrics to Grow
The benefits of building green need to be better documented for leaders in order for them to increase their level of green investments.
09/27/12 August Construction Starts Advance 8% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $433.9 billion, new construction starts in August climbed 8% relative to July.
09/13/12 University Economist Says Colorado Is Ready to Be an Innovation Leader
Colorado is positioned to become a business innovation leader in the center of the country, according to a new study by a Colorado State University economics professor.
09/13/12 Construction Spending Dips Nationwide in July
Construction spending in July maintained consistent year-over-year growth despite a pullback from the June peak.
09/13/12 Construction Employers Add 1,000 Industry Jobs in August
Construction employers nationwide added 1,000 jobs in August while the industry’s unemployment rate fell to 11.3%.
09/13/12 New Research Says Heavy-Duty Hybrid Trucks Deliver on Fuel Economy
A new performance evaluation of Class 8 hybrid electric tractor-trailers compared with similar conventional vehicles shows significant improvements in fuel economy.
09/13/12 Denver Merchandise Mart Will Undergo Multi-Year Renovation
The new owner, Woodhaven-Hawthorne, has committed to spending $4 million for the refurbishment and renovation of the Denver Mart.
09/13/12 REI Flagship Store in Denver Repays Its TIF Three Years Early
The REI Denver Flagship store has repaid its $6.3-million tax increment financing reimbursement nearly three years earlier than expected.
08/30/12 Commentary: The Risks of Selling Materials to Deadbeat Subs

If suppliers are successful, general contractors would be paying double if they had already paid their subcontractors.
08/29/12 Denver Area Adds 4600 Industry Jobs Since July 2011
Construction employment declined in 165 out of 337 metropolitan areas between July 2011 and July 2012, increased in 123 and was stagnant in 49.
08/29/12 Consumer Confidence Declines to Lowest Level Since November 2011
Consumers’ optimism about the short-term outlook deteriorated in August.
08/27/12 Commentary: Lean Construction Increasing Its Industry Profile

Lean construction evolved from the lean methodology used in various industries, including manufacturing, health care, service and retail.
08/27/12 Architecture Billings Moderate But Negative Conditions Persist
The AIA's Architecture Billings Index pointed to a slower decline in July in design activity at U.S. architecture firms.
08/27/12 July Construction Declines 10% Nationwide
New construction starts fell 10% in July to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $401.2 billion.
08/20/12 Commentary: Seven Ways We Can Afford to Fix American Infrastructure

With decimated state budgets and an antiquated funding system that values big, flashy projects over repair and maintenance, finding the money to upgrade our infrastructure is an uphill battle.
08/20/12 Commentary: Learning How to Deal With Difficult Colleagues Leads to Better Service

When an organization’s employees aren’t happy, it’s unlikely they’ll be providing the kind of quality service that leads to happy customers.
08/20/12 Construction Materials Prices Post a Dip in July
The cost of key construction materials dropped for the third consecutive month in July, pushing down year-over-year prices for the first time since 2009.
08/20/12 Construction Backlog Bounces Back in Second Quarter 2012
During the second quarter of 2012, the construction backlog expanded in three of the four regions of the country compared to the first quarter, with the exception of the South.
08/20/12 CDOT Seeking Transit Information for I-70 Mountain Corridor
As part of its Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor Advanced Guideway System Feasibility Study, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation’s Division of Transit and Rail is set to begin collecting information from existing and developing high-speed transit technology providers.
08/20/12 Commentary: Ten Ways to Lead Business Change When Someone Else Is Running the Sho

Being an advocate for change, regardless of where you fall in the organizational chart, can put you in the position of being a team leader.
08/20/12 Industry Employment Declines in 32 States
Construction employment declined in 31 states from July 2011 to July 2012 and in 28 states in the past month.
08/02/12 U.S. Construction Spending Reaches Highest Level Since December 2009
Construction spending in June rose to a 2-1/2 year high as double-digit percentage increases in private residential and nonresidential construction more than offset an ongoing downturn in public construction.
08/01/12 Commentary: At-Risk Company Drivers Can Be a Risky Business

Whether an employee is driving a company car or being reimbursed for driving their own vehicle on company business, the employer can be accused of negligent entrustment following a collision.
08/01/12 Equipment Lease Finance Industry Confidence Improved in July
Overall confidence in the equipment finance market is at 51.5, up from the June index of 48.5, but reflects continuing concern over external economic factors and regulatory and political uncertainty.
08/01/12 Commentary: Firms Should Focus on Old-Fashioned Client Retention

One invaluable way to track what clients truly value and what their hot-button issues really are is client research.
08/01/12 Commentary: Learn to Recognize and Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses

Heat stress and heat-related illnesses can occur when the human body is exposed to hot temperatures for prolonged periods of time.
08/01/12 Commentary: Insurance Company Flinch Test Backfires in Court

Don't be surprised if the first response you get from your insurance company is a denial when you file a claim or ask it to defend a claim against you or your company.
08/01/12 Construction Employment Declines in Half of Metro Areas
Construction employment declined in 162 out of 337 metropolitan areas between June 2011 and June 2012, increased in 127 and stayed stagnant in 48.
07/27/12 June Construction Starts Retreat 1% Nationwide
New construction starts in June slipped 1% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $446.1 billion.
07/19/12 Green Home Building Market to Nearly Double By 2016
A new industry report estimates that production of sustainable homes in the nation’s housing industry will nearly double in the next four years.
07/19/12 National Construction Employment Growth Stalls in June
Construction employment stalled in June as more former construction workers left the industry.
07/19/12 Commentary: Skills and Experiences Are Mostly Irrelevant When Hiring

You only care about one thing, whether or not they can do the job you are hiring them to do.
07/19/12 Commentary: How the Construction Industry Is Helping Colorado Fire Loss Victims

The tragic fire losses experienced by Colorado building owners and homeowners raise a number of questions that need to be answered by many members of the design and construction industry.
07/19/12 Minority Transportation Officials Conference Held in Denver July 21-25
The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) is hosting its 41st National Meeting and Training Conference at the Embassy Suites in downtown Denver from July 21-25.
07/19/12 Construction Materials Prices Slip Again in June
The amount contractors pay for a range of key construction materials decreased for the second consecutive month in June and inched up by just 0.5% from a year earlier.
07/19/12 Denver Among Top 10 U.S. Cities With Highest-Priced Water
Denver is among the top 10 major cities in the U.S. with the highest prices for residential water.
07/19/12 U.S. 24 Tennessee Pass Sinkhole Repairs Are Under Way

CDOT began work July 18 to repair a 35-ft-wide sinkhole on U.S. 24 over Tennessee Pass.
07/05/12 Consumer Confidence Index Declines Again in June
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined in May, fell further in June.
07/05/12 Commentary: Do Not Be Misled By Lawyer Advertising

Despite several legal restrictions, the Colorado public is bombarded with television, radio, billboard, print media and Internet lawyer advertising.
07/05/12 Commentary: Seven Ways to Use the Social Media ?Power of Your Customers

Social media provides an incredible opportunity to engage your customers' voices, to turn one firm's great experience into an advertisement that attracts new customers and gets current ones thinking positively about you.
07/05/12 May Construction Starts Slide 16% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $444.9 billion, new construction starts in May retreated 16% from the previous month.
07/05/12 Construction Spending Nationwide Hits 2 1/2 Year Peak in May
Construction spending in May reached the highest level since December 2009.
06/21/12 Equipment Lease Finance Industry Confidence Dips in May
Confidence in the equipment finance market was at 59.2 in May, down slightly from the April index of 62.1, reflecting uncertainty about the pace of U.S. economic growth and concerns about global political and economic factors.
06/21/12 Number of LEED-Certified Homes Continues to Grow Across the U.S.
The U.S. Green Building Council recently announced that more than 20,000 homes across the U.S. have earned certification through the LEED for Homes program.
06/20/12 Key Construction Materials Prices Drop Slightly in May
The amount contractors pay for a range of key construction materials edged down 0.3% in May and climbed by only 2.3% from a year earlier.
06/20/12 Commentary: Know the Details of Mechanics Lien Descriptions

Using the property description from a deed of trust is practically ineffective in a lien.
06/20/12 Construction Employment Declines in 30 States in Last Year
More states lost construction jobs in May than at any point since June 2011 as 30 states experienced annual job losses and 27 states and Washington, D.C. lost jobs during the past month.
06/20/12 Guest Blog: SMPS Union Station Tour Showcases Iconic LoDo Transformation

Ken Schroeppel, a professor of urban design at UCD, presented SMPS Colorado attendees with an update on the Union Station public spaces and the adjacent development areas.
06/20/12 Commentary: The Wage and Hour Issue Can Be a Nightmare for Employers

Even the most diligent employer has difficulty sorting through the morass of rules and regulations for wage-and-hour issues, let alone enforcing them.
06/20/12 Architecture Billings Index Sees Significant Drop in May
The May ABI score was 45.8, following a mark of 48.4 in April.
06/07/12 Consumer Confidence Declines Further Nationwide in May
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined slightly in April, fell further in May.
06/07/12 Construction Spending Inches Up, But Employment Declines
The drop in construction employment comes as new figures show a 1.4% decrease in public construction spending restrained overall construction activity growth to 0.3%.
06/07/12 Commentary: How E-Mods Can Affect the Bottom Line

A company's e-mod can be a reward for a good safety record or a penalty for a poor one.
05/24/12 April Construction Starts Rise 11 Percent Nationwide
New construction starts in April advanced 11% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $531.3 billion, according to McGraw-Hill Construction.
05/24/12 Construction Employment Declines in 28 States from March to April
Construction employment remained on a seesaw in April as only 19 states added jobs, 28 states and the District of Columbia had declines and three states maintained March employment levels.
05/21/12 Commentary: Tips for Achieving World-Class Project Teamwork

Great or world-class project teamwork has little to do with your project’s circumstances.
05/16/12 Construction Materials Prices Inch Up Nationwide in April
The cost of construction materials took a breather in April, while contractors showed slightly greater ability to roll past price increases into their bids.
05/16/12 Commentary: Beware of Recent Changes in Certificates of Insurance

An inability to comply with contract terms could easily occur, because many contracts have provisions that require the general contractor to deliver a certificate of insurance that contains specific language.
05/16/12 Architecture Billings Index Reverts to Negative Territory
The American Institute of Architects reported the April ABI score was 48.4, following a mark of 50.4 in March.
05/10/12 Commentary: New Workers Comp Rules Will Impact Employers Costs

The average cost of a workers’ compensation claim has nearly tripled since the last split point update over 20 years ago.
05/10/12 April Credit Managers Index Depicts Slight Economic Dip Nationwide
After five straight months of gains, the Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) slipped to 55.1 from the March reading of 56.2 and just slightly above the January reading.
05/10/12 Construction Spending Eases Upward Nationwide in March
Construction spending inched up in March to an annualized rate of $808 billion, up 0.1% compared to the previous month and is now 6% above year ago levels.
05/10/12 Commentary: The Added Risk Considerations of Design-Build Delivery

Because of the increased potential liabilities arising out of design-build projects, the contract between the parties takes on added significance.
05/10/12 National Construction Employment Remains Flat in April
The construction industry lost 2,000 jobs in April, following similar declines of 3,000 in March and 1,000 in February, but still added 63,000 jobs over the past year as the industry unemployment rate shrank to 14.5%.
05/10/12 National Construction Trade Groups Team Up for Alcohol and Drug Free Industry
Five of the nation’s largest construction trade associations have teamed up to form the Construction Coalition for a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace.
05/09/12 Crews Race to Reopen Utah State Road 14 By Early This Summer

The two-lane highway connects Interstate 15 and State Highway 89, passing near Cedar Breaks National Monument.
04/26/12 Commentary: Contractors Should Explore the Benefits of R and D Tax Credits

Faced with the ongoing slow recovery, a growing number of construction businesses have realized more direct financial benefits through tax incentives.
04/26/12 New Survey Shows Increased Safety Risk in Cone Zones
Sixty-eight percent of the nation’s highway contractors had motor vehicles crash into their construction work zones during the past year.
04/26/12 March Construction Starts Climb 23% Nationwide
New construction starts in March jumped 23% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $482.4 billion.
04/26/12 Consumer Confidence Virtually Unchanged in April
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined slightly in March, was virtually unchanged in April.
04/17/12 Commentary: Contractors Must Fine Tune Their Scope of Services

Carefully outlining your scope of services is important to helping reduce professional liability and risk as well as boost your bottom line.
04/17/12 Construction Materials Prices Spike Nationwide in March
The cost of construction materials jumped in March, even as the amount contractors charge to complete projects remained stagnant.
04/17/12 CDOT Announces Summer Construction Projects for Denver Area
Among the Colorado Dept. of Transportation’s plans for construction this summer in the Denver metro area is the start of a $310-million safety and capacity improvement project on U.S. 36—the state’s largest road construction project of the year.
04/17/12 Institutional, Health-Care Work Lead List of Biggest New Projects in Mountain States

Many of the largest project starts in the Mountain States ran counter to national trends last year in part because the list of new projects is dominated by government work.
04/12/12 Denver Area Leads U.S. in Adding Most Construction Jobs in Past Year
The greater Denver area added the most construction jobs between February 2011 and February 2012.
04/12/12 LEED-Certified Building Projects Hit 12,000 Mark
The U.S. Green Building Council recently announced that the 12,000th commercial project has earned LEED certification.
04/12/12 Consumer Confidence Falls Slightly In March After February Gain
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had increased in February, pulled back slightly in March.
04/12/12 Commentary: Beware of Contracts That Set Unreasonable Terms

The significance of that type of contract is that some of the terms of contracts of adhesion may not be legally enforceable.
04/12/12 FasTracks Commuter Rail Cars Undergo Squeeze Test for Structural Stability
Squeeze tests were performed on FasTracks commuter rail cars in late February.
04/12/12 Commentary: Contractors Must Carefully Document Weather-Related Delays

Several events can secure extensions for weather-related delays—which typically are not compensable, but they can grant relief from liquidated damages.
04/12/12 March Construction Employment Dips By 7,000 Jobs
The construction industry lost 7,000 jobs nationwide between February and March, following a similar decline of 6,000 the month before but extended a pattern of modest year-over-year job increases.
04/12/12 CSU Retains Top Design Firm to Consult on Football Stadium

Colorado State University says it has retained global design firm Populous as an architectural consultant on the university’s new football stadium project.
03/27/12 Construction Employment Down in a Third of Metro Areas
Construction employment declined in 111 out of 337 metropolitan areas between January 2011 and January 2012, increased in 169 and stayed level in 57.
03/27/12 Architecture Billings Index Remains Positive for Fourth Straight Month
Led by the commercial sector, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) has remained in positive territory four months in a row.
03/27/12 Commentary: The Added Risk Considerations of Design Build Delivery

To maximize the benefits of design-build, it is essential that each party’s responsibilities and obligations be clearly defined under the contract.
03/27/12 February Construction Falls 7% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $376 billion, new construction starts in February dropped 7% from the previous month.
03/27/12 ICON Venue Group Hired to Help Assess CSU Stadium Feasibility
ICON Venue Group has been retained as a consultant by Colorado State University to help study the feasibility of an on-campus stadium at the university.
03/19/12 New Report Card Shows Idaho Infrastructure Makes Barely Passing Grades
The Southern Idaho Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers recently released the 2012 Report Card for Idaho’s infrastructure, which gives the state an overall grade of C-.
03/19/12 February Credit Managers Index Suggests a Stronger Economic Future
The Credit Managers Index is now sitting at 55.8, rising a full percentage point above January’s reading.
03/19/12 New Credits Introduced Into LEED Pilot Credit Library
The U.S. Green Building Council’s next update to the LEED green-building program, LEED 2012, will include various updates to credits within the LEED Pilot Credit Library.
03/19/12 Colorado Provided 10 Million Rural Transit Trips in 2010
Colorado transit agencies provided more than 10 million trips to get Coloradans and visitors to work, medical appointments, shopping, school and other critical destinations in 2010, according to the National Transit Database.
03/19/12 Construction Employment Declines by 13,000 in February
The construction industry lost 13,000 jobs between January and February but continued a string of year-over-year job increases.
03/19/12 Construction Materials Prices Up Sharply in February
The cost of construction materials accelerated dramatically in February after moderating for several months.
02/29/12 January Construction Starts Recede 2% Nationwide
The value of new construction starts dropped 2% in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $402.2 billion, according to McGraw-Hill Construction.
02/29/12 Commentary: Construction Tax Credits That Improve Return on Investments

When evaluating the financial viability of a project, there are three federal tax credits worth considering.
02/28/12 Architecture Billings Index Remains Positive for Third Straight Month
On the heels of consecutive months of strengthening business conditions, the Architecture Billings Index has now reached positive territory for three months in a row.
02/28/12 Consumer Confidence Increases to Its Highest Level Since Last February
The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index, which had decreased in January, increased in February.
02/28/12 Construction Materials Prices Rise Slightly Nationwide in January
The cost of construction materials is showing signs of accelerating after moderation in January, according to an analysis of producer price index figures and recent market information.
02/28/12 Commentary: Does Your Contract Call for Liquidated Damages or a Penalty?

Courts do not like penalties, so they look at liquidated damages contract provisions with careful scrutiny when asked to do so.
02/28/12 Construction Employment Well Below Its Peak in Most Metro Areas
Construction employment remains below peak levels in 329 out of 337 metro areas.
02/16/12 Commentary Piercing the Corporate Veil Can Help with Subcontractor Defaults

When a legal entity is formed, it must be capitalized with sufficient funds to carry on its business, and it must maintain separate bank accounts and separate books and records.
02/11/12 Green Homes Market Could Increase Five-Fold by 2016
Green homes comprised 17% of the overall residential construction market in 2011 and are expected to grow to between 29% and 38% of the market by 2016.
02/09/12 Commentary: How Firms Can Safeguard Their Corporate Identity From Theft

Stealing a company’s identity and using it to deliberately perpetrate fraud can cost millions and devastate an otherwise healthy, growing company.
02/08/12 Commentary: Professional Liability Coverage for Large Construction Projects

Even though the professional liability marketplace has expanded greatly in recent years, construction project owners still have few cost-effective alternatives offered on a project-specific basis.
02/07/12 Industry Employment Hits Two-Year High in January
The construction industry added 21,000 jobs in January, as a second consecutive month of unseasonably mild winter weather helped the industry raise employment to a two-year high.
02/04/12 Construction Spending Increases by 4.3% Nationwide in 2011
Construction employment increased in 148 out of 337 metropolitan areas between December 2010 and December 2011, decreased in 128 and stayed level in 61.
02/01/12 Construction Employment Increased in 28 States in 2011
Construction employment rose in 28 states and the District of Columbia between December 2010 and December 2011, the largest number of states with year-over-year employment gains since November 2007.
02/01/12 Consumer Confidence Index Decreases Slightly in January
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had increased in December, retreated in January.
02/01/12 Construction Starts in December Decline 3% Nationwide
New construction starts in December fell 3% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $410.0 billion, and for all of 2011, total construction starts slipped 2% to $421.4 billion, following the slight 1% gain reported for 2010.
01/27/12 New Research Reveals the Safety Hazards of Green Building

It’s no surprise that the green-building trend has come under some scrutiny. And while most great rewards often have a price, in this case it could be at the expense of the safety of construction workers on the job.
01/27/12 Commentary: Using Trust Fund Solutions for Contractor Payment Defaults

General contractors and owners need to know and take actions that could reduce or eliminate losses when their contractors or subcontractors don’t pay their bills.
01/24/12 Contractors Survey Predicts Fewer Layoffs in 2012
Colorado and Utah are among the states where contractors are planning for more hiring in 2012 than layoffs, according to a new survey.
01/20/12 Construction Materials Prices Drop Again in December
The amount contractors pay for a range of key construction materials edged down 0.2% in December but climbed 5.3% from a year earlier.
01/19/12 Construction Firms Add 17,000 Jobs in December
Construction employment increased in December by 17,000 jobs, driven by gains in nonresidential construction employment.
01/10/12 Commentary: How Government Incentives Can Help Contractors Win New Work

Economic development incentives are a fact of life in real estate development and construction.
01/09/12 Construction Firms Add 17,000 Jobs Natonwide in December
01/09/12 Commentary: Collaboration Leads the List of Top Project Management Trends for 2012
Collaboration is a common theme in many of the 2012 top 10 trends for project management.
01/06/12 Commentary: Labor Department Continues Its Focus on Construction Industry

The U.S. Dept. of Labor historically has expressed concern that the construction industry has low compliance rates with federal minimum wage and overtime requirements, as well as employee mis-classification issues.
01/05/12 Colorado Business Leaders Optimistic, New Survey Says
Colorado business leaders’ optimism has resumed going into the first quarter of 2012 after a dip in confidence last quarter.
01/04/12 Commentary: 2012 Resolutions for the Construction Industry

Careful construction industry people may want to make the following New Year's resolutions for 2012.
01/04/12 Construction Spending Hits 17-Month High in November
Construction spending totaled $807 billion in November, the highest level since June 2010, as homebuilding, private nonresidential construction and public construction all increased compared to October.
01/04/12 Investments in Equipment and Software Will Increase in 2012
The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation forecasts equipment investment and capital spending in the United States will grow by 9% in 2012.
01/04/12 RTD FasTracks Offers Its Top 10 List for 2011
The Regional Transportation District FasTracks program celebrated numerous milestones throughout the past year. Here are the top 10 FasTracks milestones in 2011.
01/04/12 United Rentals Acquires RSC Holdings for $4.2 Billion
United Rentals Inc. and RSC Holdings Inc. recently announced they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which United Rentals will acquire RSC for $4.2 billion.
01/04/12 Half of All Metro Areas Lost Construction Jobs in Past Year
Construction employment declined in 146 out of 337 metropolitan areas between November 2010 and November 2011, increased in 131 and stayed level in 60.
01/04/12 ABI Climbs Into Positive Territory For First Time in Four Months
Continuing the positive momentum of a nearly three-point bump in October, the Architecture Billings Index in November reached its first positive mark since August.
01/04/12 November Construction Starts Slide 11% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $417.6 billion, new construction starts in November dropped 11% from October’s elevated pace.
01/04/12 Consumer Confidence Index Improves Again in December
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had improved in November, increased further in December. The index now stands at 64.5 (1985=100), up from 55.2 in November.
12/20/11 Stronger Equipment Sales for 2011, But Slower Growth Predicted in 2012
Construction equipment manufacturers anticipate overall business to close out 2011 with double-digit increases over last year in the U.S., Canada and worldwide.
12/20/11 2012 Transportation Market Mixed, ARTBA Forecast Says
No matter how you slice it, the outlook for the 2012 transportation construction market is mixed, said the senior economist for the American Road & Transportation Builders Association in her annual economic forecast.
12/20/11 Aging Water Infrastructure Will Burden U.S. Economy by 2020
Aging water infrastructure will cost U.S. businesses $147 billion over the next decade, says a new report from the American Society of Civil Engineers.
12/16/11 Construction Materials Prices Squeeze Strapped Contractors
The amount that contractors pay for a range of key construction materials edged down 0.1% in November but climbed 6.2% from a year earlier, outstripping the increase in contractors’ bid prices for finished buildings.
12/16/11 ASCE Report Says Aging Water Infrastructure Will Burden U.S. Economy
Aging water infrastructure will cost U.S. businesses $147 billion over the next decade, says a new report from the American Society of Civil Engineers.
12/16/11 New Federal Funds Push Utah Light Rail Program Across Finish Line

The final piece of the funding puzzle for Utah Transit Authority’s TRAX light rail line to the Salt Lake City suburb of Draper was put in place on Dec. 12.
12/13/11 Commentary: Top 10 Tax Benefits for Businesses to Consider Before 2011 Ends

Tax experts have identified the following top 10 tax benefits for businesses to consider before 2011 ends.
12/13/11 October Construction Jumps 12% Nationwide
The value of new construction starts advanced 12% in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $469.8 billion.
12/09/11 Slow, Steady Job Growth Forecast for Colorado in 2012
Colorado will continue on the road to recovery and add jobs in 2012 following a mostly positive year in 2011, according to the annual CU Boulder Economic Outlook.
12/09/11 Commentary: The IRS Is Well Prepared to Audit Construction Firms

Knowing ahead of time which issues can trigger an audit and what IRS tax examiners look for can protect your company and help you audit-proof your tax returns.
12/04/11 Commentary: Practical Use of Expert Witnesses in Construction Defect Cases

A frequently disregarded but critical element necessary to pursue or defend a construction-defect claim is the retention and strategic use of the construction-defect expert witness.
12/04/11 Commentary: Construction Fraud Mirrors a Worldwide Ethics Problem

The construction industry is especially susceptible to fraud because of the complexity of project finances, multi-tiered entities, subcontracting, large amounts of public and private funding.
12/04/11 Construction Spending Increases For Third Straight Month in October
Construction spending increased for the third straight month in October as private activity strengthened while public spending shrank.
12/04/11 The Neenan Co. Announces New Quality-Control Processes
The Neenan Co., Fort Collins, says it has introduced several new enhanced quality-control measures in response to structural errors found in one of its construction projects at Meeker Elementary School.
12/04/11 Construction Employment Declines Again in November
Construction employment shrank for the second straight month in November as residential, nonresidential building and heavy construction segments remained in low gear.
12/04/11 Commentary: Cloud Marketing Helps Contractors Build Profits

Today, construction businesses and contractors are using e-mail marketing campaigns tied in to landing pages that are custom designed and programmed for easy distribution and powerful reporting.
11/29/11 Construction Employment Increases in 25 States in October
Construction employment rose in half the states and decreased in half in October and during the past year, closely matching the stable national employment picture.
11/29/11 First Graduates Complete Professional BIM Credentials
Thirty-four construction professionals recently received a first-ever national accreditation in the use of building information modeling.
11/29/11 Architects Buchanan, Yonushewski Join RNL as Principals
Denver architectural firms RNL and Buchanan Yonushewski Group joined forces as of November 1.
11/29/11 DOE Awards CSU $1.2M to Help Green Businesses
The U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program has awarded Colorado State $1.2 million to help companies improve their energy efficiency and provide engineering students valuable experience with manufacturing processes.
11/29/11 Pinkard Completes Graland Country Day School Addition
The $5.6-million phased renovation and addition included razing the Gates Science Building to make room for a new Commons Building.
11/10/11 Commentary: Four Tips for Managing Subcontractor Risks on Sustainable Projects

Here are four steps contractors can take to protect themselves on green projects, and most firms should consider employing all four of them.
11/10/11 Commentary: ‘Optioneering’ Site Master Plans Using BIM

Using macro BIM, which produces real-time cost estimates, estimators can practice site “optioneering” to quickly evaluate the merits and costs of alternative designs.
11/10/11 Senate Votes to Repeal 3%Tax Withholding Rule
The U.S. Senate voted 95 to 0 on Nov. 10 to repeal the 3% withholding mandate. This follows the recent House repeal by a 405 to 16 margin.
11/10/11 Construction Materials Prices Flatten in September
The amount contractors pay for a range of key construction materials held steady in September but climbed 8.1% from the year-earlier level.
11/10/11 CDOT Steps Up Vehicle-Wildlife Collision Mitigation Plans
Researchers on vehicle-wildlife collisions along the I-70 corridor have developed recommendations on the best places to install new crossing opportunities for wildlife, as well as several locations where existing bridges and culverts may be modified to function for wildlife passage.
11/10/11 New RTD Poll Shows High Level of Regional Support
A new public opinion poll recently released by Denver’s Regional Transportation District shows that seven years into RTD’s multi-billion dollar FasTracks transit expansion program, 80% of metro-area residents say that approving FasTracks funding in 2004 was a good decision.
11/10/11 September Construction Starts Slip 1% Nationwide
New construction starts in September receded 1% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $419.5 billion, according to McGraw-Hill Construction.
10/28/11 Construction Industry Starts to Remain Flat in 2012
The level of construction starts in 2012 is expected to be $412 billion, following the 4% decline to $410 billion predicted for 2011.?
10/28/11 Historic Denver School to Seek LEED-Gold Renovation

The new owner of Denver’s landmark Emerson School, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, kicked off the property’s $3.2-million sustainable renovation on Oct. 13.
10/13/11 Denver Water Board Increases Water Rates for 2012
At its early October meeting, the Denver Board of Water Commissioners voted to increase water rates for 2012 to provide funding for the utility’s capital projects.
10/13/11 Consumer Confidence Remains Mostly Unchanged in September
The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index, which had declined sharply in August, remained essentially unchanged in September.
10/13/11 Construction Spending Up July to August as Public-Sector Projects Decline
Construction spending increased by 1.4% between July and August and was up 0.9% compared to August 2010.
10/13/11 Fort Collins Airport Receives Grant For New 'Wingless Flight' Program
The Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo., Airport will receive a $221,500 grant from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation to develop a program that will allow travelers checking in there to change planes at Denver International Airport without undergoing further security screening.
10/13/11 Colorado Business Leaders’ Outlook Turns Negative, Says CU Business School

Colorado business leaders’ outlook on the economy has turned negative heading into the fourth quarter, according to the most recent quarterly Leeds Business Confidence Index.
10/13/11 August Construction Starts Increase 8% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $424.7 billion, new construction starts in August advanced 8%, according to McGraw-Hill Construction.
09/29/11 Commentary: Litigation Issues With LEED Ratings and Checklist Design

Green buildings are generally assumed to be energy efficient and sustainable. However, such indefinite concepts need to be reduced to measurable criteria to be incorporated into construction documents.
09/29/11 Legal Commentary: Is An Unsigned Contract Still a Valid Contract?

The Colorado Court of Appeals concluded that a signature by one of the parties was not necessary to have the arbitration provisions apply.
09/29/11 Commentary: Five Rules to Help Create a Character-Driven Company

Here are five simple rules that every employee, from the top of the corporate ladder on down, should follow to ensure that their firms have a rock-solid character.
09/29/11 U.S. Construction Employment Increases in 146 Metro Areas
Construction employment increased in 146 out of 337 metropolitan areas between August 2010 and August 2011, declined in 145 and stayed level in 46, according to a new analysis of federal employment data.
09/29/11 Colorado’s Built Environment Leaders Express ‘Wishful Optimism’

Leaders of Colorado’s built environment are feeling generally hopeful and optimistic, according to results of a first-ever statewide survey released in late September by the Everitt Real Estate Center at Colorado State University.
09/29/11 New Studies Shaw That Traffic Congestion Costs American Economy $101 Billion a Year
Two authoritative reports released in mid-September detail the continued drag on the U.S. economy by traffic congestion and mobility.
09/29/11 Merrick and Ulteig Partner to Serve Oil and Gas Industry
Merrick & Co., Aurora, and North Dakota-based Ulteig Engineers have formed a strategic alliance to provide engineering services to oil and gas companies working in the Williston Basin.
09/28/11 American Public Works Association Honors Prairie Waters as Project of the Year

The American Public Works Association, which just wrapped up its annual convention in Denver in mid-September, honored Aurora’s Prairie Waters project as one of its public works projects of the year nationwide for 2011.
09/26/11 CH2M Hill Set to Buy U.K. Designer Halcrow in $356-Million Deal

London-based firm re-emerged as prospect after U.S. company lost 2010 bidding war to URS for UK engineer Scott Wilson.
09/15/11 Commentary: How to Establish an Effective Return-to-Work Program

A comprehensive return-to-work program is a practical approach to returning injured employees to a safe and productive work environment.
09/15/11 Commentary: How to Avoid the Common Causes of Contractor Failure

Construction firms are failing faster than in recent memory, and the majority of contractor failures result not just from market forces but also from decisions made by contractors themselves.
09/15/11 Materials Prices Fall in August But Are Up Overall for the Year
The amount contractors pay for a range of key construction materials declined in August, but contractors continue to be squeezed as materials cost increases have outstripped the price of finished buildings over the past year.
09/15/11 Federal Loan Will Fund Extension of U.S. 36 HOV Lanes

Federal transportation officials finalized a $54-million loan in early September that will add nearly 10 miles of express lanes and other improvements on U.S. 36 between Pecos Street and the Interlocken Loop.
09/15/11 Commentary: Six Solutions to Move Beyond Threats to the Gas Tax

On September 30, the federal gas tax, currently at 18.4 cents per gallon, is scheduled to expire. And if it is not renewed, there will be serious implications, not the least of which will be an assured increase in the number of unemployed.
09/15/11 Legal Commentary: Implied Warranty on Owners’ Plans and Specifications

in most cases, if owners breach their implied warranties, contractors would be entitled to additional compensation for extra work performed, delays experienced and any other additional expense or loss occasioned by the warranty breach.
09/15/11 Construction Employment Declines by 5,000 in August
Construction employment showed little movement in August, dipping 5,000 below the July total but remaining 4,000 higher than a year ago.
09/15/11 Construction Costs Increase in Major Markets to September 2007 Levels
Construction costs have increased to about the same levels they were in September 2007, before the recession began.
09/15/11 Construction Fatalities Decline Nearly 10% From 2009 to 2010
The number of construction fatalities declined by nearly 10% between 2009 and 2010 and by almost 40% during the past five years.
09/15/11 Consumer Confidence Index Drops Nearly 15 Points in August
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which had improved slightly in July, plummeted in August.
09/15/11 ABC Wyoming Event Focuses on Capital Construction Projects
Construction professionals from throughout Wyoming congregated in Casper this summer for Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Wyoming meetings and events.
09/09/11 Alta Aspen Grove Apartments Acheives LEED-Silver Certification

Alta Aspen Grove apartment community received LEED-Silver certification during a ceremony in early September. The 280-unit luxury apartment complex officially opened its doors in mid-June in Littleton, Colo., just west of Denver.
09/01/11 Parsons Presents I-70 Improvement Proposal to CDOT

The High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE), a government-owned business within the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, received an unsolicited proposal from transportation consultant Parsons for a public-private partnership to improve the I-70 west mountain corridor.
09/01/11 July Construction Starts Retreat 10% Nationwide
The value of new construction starts dropped 10% in July to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $394.7 billion, according to McGraw-Hill Construction.
08/29/11 Regional Contractors Struggle to Find Work in Flat Markets

Contractors in the Mountain West report slim margins, tough competition and only a slight uptick in the number of projects to chase.
08/24/11 Architecture Billings Index Drops for Fifth Straight Month in July
The Architecture Billings Index fell again by more than a point in July, down to a reading of 45.1.
08/24/11 Metro Wastewater District Breaks Ground on $475M Treatment Plant

The $475-million wastewater plant will serve portions of Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City and Thornton, with the capacity to serve other communities in the northern Denver metro area.
08/05/11 Legal Commentary: Swords or Shields? The Two Types of Mechanic’s Liens

Colorado mechanic’s lien laws may either be swords or shields, depending upon the taking of timely actions by those who rely upon them for payment or those who need to protect their properties against potentially costly remedies.
08/05/11 Construction Employment Achieves 15-Month High in July
Construction employment inched up by 8,000 jobs to a 15-month high in July but remained far below the peak set in early 2006.
08/05/11 Construction Spending Edges Up in June Nationwide
Construction spending edged up 0.2% in June as increases in private nonresidential construction outweighed continuing declines in private residential and public construction spending.
08/05/11 Broader Labor Market Concerns Weigh on Consumers
The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index®, which had declined in June, improved slightly in July. The index now stands at 59.5 (1985=100), up from 57.6 in June.
08/04/11 Urban Renewal Authority Purchases Mile High Greyhound Park
The Commerce City Urban Renewal Authority announced in early August the purchase of the former Mile High Greyhound Park, a 65-acre site in the heart of Commerce City, which is targeted for redevelopment.
08/04/11 Inaction on Federal Aviation Law Puts Construction Jobs at Risk
Congressional failure to pass federal aviation legislation is putting roughly 70,000 construction and related jobs at risk by forcing a halt to $2.5 billion worth of airport construction projects.
07/21/11 New LEED-Gold Animal Shelter Opens in Denver
The city and county of Denver opened a new animal shelter in June, with construction funded by the Better Denver Bond Program.
07/20/11 CONEXPO-CON/AGG Reveals 2011 Event Survey Results
Post-show attendee and exhibitor surveys recently unveiled from CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2011, held in March, confirm that the shows are vital business tools connecting buyers and sellers.
07/20/11 CU Biz School Predicts Positive Job Growth for the State in 2011
he Colorado economy will grow at a modest pace throughout the second half of 2011 with slow but positive job growth.
07/20/11 Equipment Finance Survey Shows 2010 Industry Growth 
Following declines in new business volume in 2008 and 2009, the equipment finance industry began to regain volume in 2010, according to the 2011 Survey of Equipment Finance Activity released in July.
07/20/11 Another Setback for the Architecture Billings Index in June
June marked the third consecutive decline in revenue at U.S. architecture firms as measured by the Architecture Billings Index.
07/20/11 Construction Materials Costs Outrun Prices in June
Construction costs again outpaced other producer prices in June, but contractors remained unable to recoup the costs through higher bid prices, according to an analysis of producer price index figures released in mid-July.
07/20/11 RPI Coating Criminal Trial Should Begin This Fall

A recent verdict in Denver exonerating Xcel Energy Inc. of criminal charges involving five painter deaths in 2007 sets the stage for the forthcoming trial against Santa Fe Springs, Calif.-based contractor RPI Coating Inc. and RPI executives.
07/14/11 Commentary: Does Your Company Need an Extreme Messaging Makeover?

An extreme messaging makeover will make a difference for you and your organization. Follow these strategies and make it happen.
07/13/11 Commentary: Staying in Survival Mode Keeps Contractors From Thriving

During this downturn, small- and medium-sized contractors should constantly evaluate their company and make bold decisions that help improve their position now and once the market bounces back.
07/13/11 Commentary: Earn Higher Profits By Getting Creative with Wage Determinations

Many merit-shop contractors may not be aware of how to use the flexibility afforded by wage determinations on projects to which the Davis-Bacon Act applies.
07/12/11 Commentary: A Culture of Trust Can Boost Employee Performance

Here are 10 things that can damage your employees' trust in you and your ability to lead and how to avoid these common management pitfalls.
07/12/11 Colorado Business Leaders Index Wanes Slightly, Says CU Business School
Expectations are lower for the third quarter of 2011 in Colorado, with a prominent business confidence index posting a reading of 51.6, down from 56.8 in the second quarter.
07/12/11 Construction Industry Sheds Another 9,000 Jobs in June
Construction employment remained mired in a five-year-long slump as the industry shed another 9,000 jobs from May to June.
07/08/11 Planned $824-Million Gaylord Hotel Project and Denver Stock Show Move Create Friction in Denver

The planned Gaylord Resort to be built near Denver International Airport and the proposed move of the National Western Stock Show out of Denver to Aurora are creating friction between the two cities.
07/07/11 Architecture Billings Index Continues in Reverse Mode
The Architecture Billings Index slowed even further in May, down to 47.2 from 47.6 in April.
07/07/11 May Construction Starts Slide 6% Nationwide
At a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $376.1 billion, new construction starts in May dropped 6% from the previous month, according to McGraw-Hill Construction.
07/07/11 Western State College Breaks Ground on Student Housing Project
Western State College of Colorado broke ground in late June on a $16-million student housing project in Gunnison, Colo.
07/07/11 Construction Spending Hits 11-Year National Low
Construction spending fell for the sixth straight month in May, touching an 11-year low, according to an analysis of new Census Bureau data.
06/24/11 Commentary: Mitigation of Damages Rule Offers ‘Common Sense’ Solution

While the mitigation-of-damages rule is really one of common sense, it is not unusual for parties to lawsuits and arbitrations to overlook or ignore theirs or their opponent’s obligations to mitigate their damages.
06/24/11 Denver's St. Joseph Hospital Project Will Have Big Economic Impact
The redevelopment of St. Joseph Hospital in central Denver will create 1,400 construction-related jobs annually and contribute $340 million in labor compensation from now until it opens in 2014.
06/24/11 Twenty-Two States Add Construction Jobs In Past Year
Construction employment growth remained sluggish and uneven in May as only half of the country—22 states plus the District of Columbia—added jobs over the past year.
06/24/11 ULC Acquires Fourth Property Using Denver TOD Fund
The Urban Land Conservancy has purchased land along Denver’s Southwest light rail corridor that will be developed into an affordable, mixed-use, transit-oriented development.
06/22/11 New Denver IKEA Store Employs Complex Geothermal System

The 415,000-sq-ft store will be the chain’s second largest in the country and the first IKEA in the U.S. to employ a geothermal HVAC system.
06/08/11 Construction Spending Increases From Private-Sector Boost
Construction spending inched up for the second straight month in April, 0.4% – following downward revisions to the March spending figures – thanks to increases in private nonresidential and home-improvement spending.
06/08/11 New Study Estimates Health Costs of U.S. Traffic Congestion
New research by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis at the School of Public Health estimates that the additional fine-particulate matter emissions that can be traced back to traffic congestion in the nation’s 83 largest urban areas lead to more than 2,200 premature deaths in the U.S. last year.
04/26/11 Engineer Inspires Law to Help Licensed Military Personnel
On April 13, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill into law that waives the professional licensee renewal fee and continuing education requirements for U.S. Armed Forces members holding a professional or occupational license administered by the Dept. of Regulatory Agency’s Division of Registrations.
04/15/11 CDOT Announces Summer Construction for Denver Area
The Colorado Dept. of Transportation plans for a busy cone zone in the Denver metro area this summer, including some major bridge replacements.
05/24/11 April Construction Starts Unchanged Nationwide From March
05/17/11 Construction Industry Adds 5,000 Jobs March to April
05/17/11 Materials Costs Outdistance Finished Building Prices in April
05/12/11 March Construction Stays Even With Prior Month
04/15/11 AIA Colorado Recognizes 2011 Young Architects
04/15/11 Construction Unemployment Down to 20% in March
04/15/11 One Big Bridge, One Big Night in Utah
03/31/11 CONEXPO-CON/AGG Draws 100,000-Plus Visitors
03/31/11 Consumer Confidence Index Declines 8 Points in March
03/31/11 Contractors Squeezed Again By Bump in Materials Prices
03/31/11 J.L. Sorenson Recreation Center Opens in Merriman, Utah
03/18/11 AGC Releases Plan to Revive Construction Industry
03/11/11 Hybrid Delivery Trucks Reduce Emissions
03/11/11 LEED Pilot Program Achieves Landmark
03/11/11 Construction Spending Lowest Since July 2000
03/04/11 USGBC Releases List of Top LEED States
03/03/11 Construction Materials Costs Climb in January
03/01/11 January Construction Starts Fall 6% Nationwide
02/17/11 NREL’s Impact on Colorado Economy Triples
02/03/11 Nationwide Construction Starts in December Jump 19%
02/03/11 Construction Employment Declines in 36 States
02/03/11 More Industry Firms Will Hire Workers This Year
01/21/11 Colorado Business Leaders Optimistic in First Quarter
01/11/11 Vestas Finished 2010 With Record North American Orders
01/06/11 Flood Control Work in Southern Utah Pays Off During Record Rains
01/06/11 Construction Employment Suffers Most Losses in Colorado in 2010
01/06/11 National Trench Safety Opens New Branch in Salt Lake City
12/07/10 Salt Lake City Takes Holistic Approach to Code Revisions
12/01/10 Provo to Get New Student Housing
12/01/10 Vestas Opens World’s Largest Wind Tower Manufacturing Plant
11/01/10 Stapleton’s Central Park Boulevard
11/01/10 UMCA, UA Open a New Training Career Center
11/01/10 Neighborhood Report: Interlocken
10/15/10 Construction Costs Flatten, But Markets Continue to Contract
10/01/10 Colorado Project News
10/01/10 Intermountain Project News
09/21/10 Montana Construction Activity Report
09/01/10 Construction Begins on Denver Health’s Pavilion M
09/01/10 Vestas Technology R&D Opens Engineering Site in Louisville
09/01/10 IDOT Builds Wildlife Underpass on Idaho 21
07/29/10 Developer Seeks Rating For Recycled Utah Bridge
07/01/10 LDS Church Unveils Its First Green Meetinghouse
07/01/10 Denver Transit Partners Selected for $2B FasTracks Project
07/01/10 University Hospital Plans a $400-Million Expansion
07/01/10 Wasatch Front Activity Report
07/01/10 Wells Fargo to Expand LEED Pre-certification Beyond New Construction
06/22/10 Utah Students Build Disaster-Resistant Dome Homes
06/01/10 Park City High School
06/01/10 $1.7-Billion Data Center Project
06/01/10 West Corridor Light Rail Line
06/01/10 Enermodal Engineering Inc.
06/01/10 Boise Activity Report
06/01/10 Northern Colorado Report
06/01/10 Southern Wyoming Report
05/14/10 Not Your Typical Nine-to-Five Job
05/01/10 Slate Creek Bridge
05/01/10 DHA Completes Benedict Park Place
05/01/10 St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church
05/01/10 Interstate 15 Express Lanes
05/01/10 Spectrum Academy Charter School
04/06/10 Moore: From pheasants and farmland to a Boise business mecca
04/01/10 Twin Falls Alternate Route Project Underway
04/01/10 Wells Fargo Completes Its First LEED-Certified Bank in Colorado
04/01/10 Construction Continues on Magna Library
04/01/10 Above and Beyond
03/19/10 Tramformation: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort completes its main tram replacement
03/03/10 Solar Not Just for Colorado Agriculture
03/01/10 New Sego Lily School in Final Design
03/01/10 Renovation of Aspen Restaurant Complete
03/01/10 Southern Utah Report
02/22/10 Surviving In A Down Economy
01/19/10 Stimulus Money Fuels Highway Projects in Eastern Idaho
01/14/10 URS Washington Division to move headquarters to Denver by end of 2010
01/01/10 Cheyenne Airport Runway Reconstruction Nears Completion
01/01/10 IDOT Selects Contractor for U.S. 95 Reconstruction Project
01/01/10 AGC of Utah Opens New HQ Building
01/01/102010 Forecast: A Tough Year Ahead
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